If you want to realize your potential and are looking for a company that supports innovation, value differences and encourage success - consider a career in our company.

Today, "STATEGA" Co., Ltd. - is a thriving company, a successful business that helps in the development of shipbuilding and ship repair. Our goal is to attract talented professionals with high potential.

What could be your future with "STATEGA" Co., Ltd? Why "STATEGA" Co., Ltd?
There are many reasons why people come to work at "STATEGA" Co., Ltd. Some appreciate be held in respect by leadership, while others - the opportunity to work in a modern shipbuilding company, and someone just wants to be themselves and feel gratitude for the good work rom "STATEGA" Co., Ltd.

Respect to differences
"STATEGA" Co., Ltd. recognize the value of all the employees with their individual features and maintain a business atmosphere where individuality and the dignity of each is respected.

Deserved reward
In order to stimulate the activities of employees and as a reward for excellent performance, the company pays them a competitive salary taking into account the situation in the regional market and the industrial sector. "STATEGA" Co., Ltd. regularly pays its employees wages that compete with the level of wages prevailing presently in the labor market.

Education and Training
Policy objective of the "STATEGA" Co., Ltd. is motivation of the development of each individual and the staff as a whole at the expense of cultivation and further development of the needed skills, determination the correct attitude to work and the relevant rules of standard behaviour. Favorable advanced training conditions are created for specialists.

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Address: Box 29, 15th Floor, Taikos pr. 52C, LT-91184 Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Phone/fax: +370 46 313 813